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Featured Poet: Poe Tr3s

Q&A With Poe Tr3s

The Above video is the featured poem in The Ephemera Series Vol. 1

Poe Tr3s Bio:

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she now works as a traveling nurse throughout the United States. Poe Tr3s, whose real name is Poetry, grew up in the poetry scene in New York. Both her parents were poets and writers. She spent her teen years writing poetry and competing in contests. Once she graduated from high school in 2010, she gave up poetry and focused on school and her career. In 2018, she met fellow artist Dismoc Le Ma, who inspired her to begin writing again. She met Dismoc Le Ma at an art show in Brooklyn, New York, that he was featured in. While there, she fell in love with two of his paintings that were based on poetry. After seeing his art, she began writing.

Poe Tr3s Q&A:

Lukumi: What inspired your poem?

Poe Tr3s: What inspired my poem were multiple heartbreaks. In the poem, it sounds like I'm speaking about one situation but I drew inspiration from my last few relationships. In the previous relationship, I was engaged for five years. When we first got engaged, I wasn't ready to be married, so I postponed our wedding. When I was finally ready, he started to have doubts. So in my poem when state, "five years of my life wasted," I'm referring to that relationship.

Lukumi: What inspires you to write?

Poe Tr3s: What inspires me to write is reflecting on past relationships. Most of my poems are about my relationships. I made many bad choices with men. I knowingly selected men who were bad matches for me. I was attracted to the thrill they brought to the relationship. However, the majority of the men I dealt with were from the streets or were players. In my last two relationships, I did a complete 180 and involved myself with men who reminded me of my father, which felt kind of weird at first.

Lukumi: What has been your biggest struggle as a poet?

Poe Tr3s: My biggest struggle as a poet is finding the time to write. I spend so much of my time busy with work. I work as a traveling nurse, so when the pandemic started, there was a high demand for nurses. I spent almost a year working 6-7 days a week, 8-12hr shifts. I ultimately got burnt out after nine months and began calling off and taking fewer shifts.

Lukumi: You mentioned in the past to us that your parents were both writers and poets. What was it like to grow up with two poetic parents?

Poe Tr3s: Yes, both my parents are poets, and growing up in my household was like a mix between the tv show I Love My Wife and Kids and Good Times. My parents worked hard and had many accomplishments, but we had our share of struggles.

Lukumi: What's next for you?

Poe Tr3s: What's next for me is to continue to write and become more social. Over the last few years, I've closed myself off from the world. I'm focused more on reconnecting with friends and spending more time with family.

You can follow Poe Tr3s on IG @ poetr3s


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Lukumi ArlotaContributing Writer

Lukumi Arlota is a mental health advocate, black empowerment activist, public speaker, and business owner.

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