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Press Release for Warfroism by Dismoc Le Ma

Dismoc Le Ma's "Warfroism" Exhibition Celebrates Unsung Heroes Throughout the African Diaspora.

Dismoc Le Ma, a vibrant artist from St. Louis MO USA, is proud to present "Warfroism," a powerful new exhibition that shines a light on the unsung heroes of the African diaspora. The exhibition will be on display at The Kre8ive Shop from February 1st to June 19th.

"Warfroism" is a collection of stunning portraits that depict freedom fighters from across the African diaspora who have been largely overlooked by history. Through his art, Dismoc Le Ma aims to celebrate these individuals and their contributions to the struggle for freedom and justice.

"The stories of these individuals are often forgotten or erased, but their sacrifices and struggles have been essential to the fight for liberation throughout the African diaspora," said Dismoc Le Ma.

Each portrait in "Warfroism" is a testament to the strength, resilience, and courage of the individuals depicted. The exhibition includes figures such as Aqualtune of the Kingdom of Kongo, Henry Johnson of the United States, Carlota Lucumí of Cuba, Zumbi dos Palmares of Brazil, among many others.

"Warfroism" is a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in African history, social justice, and the power of art to inspire change. The exhibition will be open from February 1st to June 19th at The Kre8ive Shop.

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Lukumi ArlotaContributing Writer

Lukumi Arlota is a mental health advocate, black empowerment activist, public speaker, and business owner.

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