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RE: I Thought I Was Marrying A Ballerina! Q&A

Recently Keyshawn Jordan wrote an article detailing his experience being in a relationship with a ballet dancer. The article can be read here... His article at the time was our highest viewed and most controversial. We followed up with Keyshawn to see if he would like to respond to the criticism from our readers, and he agreed to do a Q&A.

Interviewer: You have some big news to share with our readers?

Keyshawn: Yes, me and the mother of my children are officially engaged.

Interviewer: Congrats, so let's move forward. If your ex-wife was only dancing sensually and wasn’t nude in her videos what made it so bad or was there more she didn’t share?

Keyshawn: That’s what she told me, that’s how she dressed it up as. She made it seem like it was just belly dancing or burlesque. She made it seem like she was online catering to people's fetishes. But it was more to the story than what I wrote. Because I didn’t just only look at her accounts she had open on her computer. I actually looked through her computer, and I found a lot of explicit pictures and videos. The stuff she never sent me and we were married. She told me she never sent those pictures and videos to anybody but I didn’t believe her. She also told me those accounts she had open on her computer were the only accounts she had. That wasn’t true I later found more accounts. She then told me that those were fake accounts that somebody made of her but I didn’t believe it either.

Interviewer: If your ex-wife didn’t show her face in the videos and nobody knew she was doing this what made you decide not to work things out with her?

Keyshawn: That’s not true her face was showing, remember back in the article I write I said my former friend showed us a video of the dancer performing stunts at the strip club. Which I discovered was my ex-wife. Her face was showing in that video the difference was she had a wig on and body paint. But anybody that’s been around her enough could tell that was her in the video. In the previous question, you asked I stated I found more accounts she had that she said were fake accounts. It’s videos on those pages where you can clearly see her face in it. The only difference is she’s wearing a colored wig.

Interviewer: Was the not informing you of the whole truth the deal breaker or her being on OnlyFans the deal breaker?

Keyshawn: It was a little bit of both actually. When we got back together, she told me she was only dancing in Atlanta at one club and that was it. And she hadn’t done it since being in Atlanta but that was a lie. The same stuff she was doing in Atlanta she been secretly recording herself doing those same things the entire time we were together. She told me she was done with that lifestyle, but she had been posting that kind of content online since our entire marriage.

Interviewer: Had she fully disclosed her past do you think things would have been different? And do you think her losing her job made her start back posting that type of content?

Keyshawn: If she would have kept it 100, I would have accepted it. I’m not perfect, nobody is, when she met me I was a pothead. Her losing her job didn’t make her start, she never stopped. She was doing it consistently since 2003 nonstop.

Interviewer: You mentioned before that she lied about only dancing in Atlanta at one club. Were there more clubs she danced at?

Keyshawn: I found out she has been stripping since high school. She stripped in clubs outside of New Orleans and Houston. She later confessed and told me. And yes she was getting fully naked but she said it was only when she was a teen.

Interviewer: When you saw the content on her computer was it officially over then or did you all try to reconcile?

Keyshawn: I wouldn’t say I was done when I saw the stuff on her laptop. I was done when she started trying to explain herself. I knew she was lying, but I didn’t know what to believe. As began packing my stuff and leaving she started to tell the truth but at that point, it was noise to my ears. After I left we talked more and she wanted to go back to counseling but I had no desire.

Interviewer: If she had told you that she was completely done with it, would you had taken her back?

Keyshawn: No, because she already said she was done and she continued to do it. And at that point, I felt like I couldn’t trust her.

Interviewer: You had stated before your former friend showed you the video back at the strip club. Why are you not friends with him anymore?

Keyshawn: Lets just say he broke a lot of guy codes and not just with me but my brother and my best friend.

Interviewer: How’s the relationship with your ex-wife now?

Keyshawn: We’re cordial at this point but in the beginning, she was resistant to getting a divorce. Some controversy happened to her during our divorce, so she was ready to wash her hands with any drama.

Interviewer: Controversy, are you able to elaborate more on the controversy that occurred?

Keyshawn: Yes, she got into it with a so-called friend of hers. This is a person that she used to dance with. My ex-wife was very particular about keeping her true identity secret. But her ex-friend got mad at her and decided to expose her on Facebook. At that time, the only social media platform, my ex-wife was on was Facebook. And the only people that knew about her dancing were me, my wife, our therapist, and her so-called friend. She contacted me stressed out about it and afraid to talk to her father who saw the post on Facebook. I told her that it was her truth and if she owns it then nobody can use it against her. Then I compared it to the Kevin Hart situation when his so-called friend tried to extort him. Kevin Hart owned up to the situation so I told her she has to do the same. And she did, the post got removed from Facebook. She felt so embarrassed that she deleted all of her accounts and hired an agency that can help her scrub the internet of all the explicit content of her that may have gotten leaked out.

Interviewer: What made you decide to get back with your ex?

Keyshawn: My experience with my ex-wife made me realize that I moved too fast with her. It also made me realize that in my relationship with the mother of my children now wife, I was very immature and I wasn’t ready for that type of relationship. After the breakup with my ex-wife and the mother of my children, now wife allowed me to stay in her basement, it gave me the chance to be around my kids more frequently. My wife was very firm on not wanting to confuse the kids with me being there. So the kids never knew I was in the basement. But the kids did see me around more often. We started off slow and rebuilt our friendship. During this bonding period we found out after all the years of being broken up we still had so much in common. My brother and his wife tricked us into having a dinner date at their house. My brother’s wife invited my wife out to eat and suggested that they carpool. Which my wife would pick her up. My best friend pulled the same move but instead, he picked me up and said my brother wants us to get him. I knew something was weird going on because my best friend parked inside my brother's garage. 20-30 later my wife walks through the door and the rest was history.

Interviewer: You have been very vocal about Dismoc Le Ma exhibition, “ Respect! The Woman In The Red Dress ” you’ve commented and sent several emails about the exhibition. What is it about the exhibition that interests you the most?

Keyshawn: The concept, I’m not a big art fan I don’t know much about it but I love the concept. It reminds me so much of me and my wife’s relationship. The idea of being aligned, when my wife and I got together we were very much aligned. But I wasn’t ready for the real world which caused us to be unaligned. And when you say “Respect The Woman In The Red Dress” and my wife’s favorite color is red. On our first date, she had on a red dress, and when my brother set up the dinner date my wife had on a red dress. When we broke up the first time, she told me that she felt like I didn’t respect her or our relationship. So the concept behind the exhibition really resonates with me.

Interviewer: Any last words or messages you would like to share with our readers?

Keyshawn: Yes, I don’t consider myself overly religious or the type to press religion on someone. But my father shared the scriptures with me when me and my ex-wife first break up. And I would like to share it with the readers.

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.


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