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Respect The Woman In The Red Dress Exhibition

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

"Respect The Woman In The Red Dress is a series that explores the journey of finding alignment in a relationship. During the journey, there's a continuous spinning circle that factors several roadblocks. The series represents these roadblocks using artistic elements. The backgrounds of the paintings are in duotone. Utilizing the colors blue and red represents how a relationship can go from cold to hot or vice versa. The series also incorporates typography in the paintings."

-- Dismoc Le Ma "Respect! The Woman In The Red Dress" artist statement on

It has been eight years since the last exhibition by Davion "Dismoc Le Ma" Coleman. "Respect! The Woman In The Red Dress" is actually Dismoc Le Ma second solo exhibition. The exhibition is virtual and can be seen in two ways:

When you view the artwork you are definitely in for a treat for symbolism and an artist narrative. I had the opportunity to have a private viewing of the paintings in person. I was amazed by the amount of texture Dismoc Le Ma created in each painting. While speaking to Dismoc Le Ma he has stated to me that he is preparing a video interview explaining his ideas, purpose, and process behind the exhibition.


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Lukumi ArlotaContributing Writer

Lukumi Arlota is a mental health advocate, black empowerment activist, public speaker, and business owner.

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