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The Artist Dismoc Le Ma Explain "Let's Dance"

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Spicing things up or a missed opportunity? Look at the brush strokes as dance steps. Dancing in vibrant colors is balanced harmony. This painting represents when things begin to ameliorate. The benefits of dancing with your partner gives you the ability to connect with them and create synergy. However, the painting is a reflection, and it asks the question, "Are we spicing things up, or is this a missed opportunity?" The missed opportunity represents the connection. Therefore, if the opportunity is foregone, then you have a disconnection with your partner. The purpose of this painting is for the viewer to reflect and answer if they want to dance or not.


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Davion "Dismoc Le Ma" Coleman

– Chief Editor Artist | Designer | Illustrator | Author

– The Creator of The Kre8ive Shop


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