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The Guest Curator, Dr. Mugabe Thoughts

The guest curator, Dr. Mugabe of The Ephemera Series Vol. 1 share her thoughts about the initial planning of the exhibition.

When I was approached by Dismoc Le Ma to be the guest curator of The Ephemera Series Vol. 1 exhibition, I was intrigued by the concept when he presented it to me. Dismoc Le Ma delegated responsibility for selecting a theme and art to me. I was originally approached about this opportunity in February, and the exhibition would be released in March. Therefore, it was a no-brainer to me that the theme would focus on black women.

I also wanted to include a musical theme. I noticed that Dismoc Le Ma's exhibition before last had an Afrocentric, soulful musical presence. As a result, I wanted the music to focus on reggae. Carefully analyzing Dismoc Le Ma's work, I observed a musical and poetic pattern. Therefore, I felt it would be a brilliant idea to feature poetry in this exhibition. Initially, the poetry was supposed to be poems by Dismoc Le Ma. But he felt it would be better to collaborate with black female poets.

We began the search for poets and spoken word artists. Dismoc Le Ma and I carefully selected a handful of poets, and I determined the final selection. We selected poets that produced poems that meshed well with the art. To our surprise, we received a lot of poems from international poets. However, the poems that were selected gave a brilliant defining voice to the art.

If you haven't had the opportunity to witness the exhibition, please head over to


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Dr. Stacy (Ladash) Mugabe Ph.D. – Guest Writer

Retired Art Therapist and Educator

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