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Dismoc Le Ma Explains "Kiz Me"

This painting is not only the biggest in the series, but it's the first one I started to work on. The overall idea behind the series is to depict alignment in a relationship. Now, what does that mean "alignment" in terms of a relationship? It simply means being on the same page. This painting has a message buried deep inside the underlayers. As your eyes gaze into this painting, you will be able to see the story, the message, and the journey that lie within this painting.

The colors represent coldness. A dark black outer layer with hues of blue traveling to the core of the painting. What does this mean? What does it mean when a relationship goes cold? It means you are at the end, and for many relationships, when it gets this cold, it leads to breakups, divorces, and lawsuits.


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Davion " Dismoc Le Ma " Coleman

– Chief Editor Artist | Designer | Illustrator | Author

– The Creator of The Kre8ive Shop


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