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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: ‘I fear I am integrating my people into a burning house.’

For business-minded individuals, why is this quote important to understand? As a leader, you must understand when you're leading your team in the wrong direction. If you happened to lead your team down a path of failure, it would be important to identify your mistakes and correct them. In the art and design worlds, there are many times an artist or designer will try to execute an idea that's not working. Many will develop this idea until completion, which oftentimes doesn't translate well with the audience or the client.

What makes a good leader? Here are six qualities that make a good leader.

1. Vision – To be an effective leader, you must have a great vision. It allows you to effectively manage staff, projects, organizations, or departments. A leader with a distinct vision is capable of motivating others through any obstacle. Having a vision allows you to stay focused on completing goals and limits distraction.

2. Communication – Some would argue that communication is the best quality to have. The ability to effectively communicate your ideas through speaking, visual communication, and nonverbal communication will enhance your leadership capabilities.

3. Listen – In order to communicate your vision, you must first understand how to listen. To be an effective communicator, it is imperative to have the ability to listen.

4. Respect – You must show respect to those you lead. If they respect you, then they will produce an outstanding effort.

5. Integrity – Someone with integrity does what they say they’ll do.

6. Strategic – Strategy is a difficult quality to find in a leader; studies show that less than 10% of managers have it. An effective strategy allows you to impede and diminish risk.


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