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I Burned My Eyebrows Off! My Top 5 Kitchen NO-NOs

30 years ago, I had a cooking accident that burned my eyebrows off. Continue reading as I explain how I made 5 terrible mistakes and also my top 5 NO NOs in the kitchen.

Here are my top five NO-NOs in cooking.

1. DO NOT cut anything with a dull knife!

The reason why a dull blade is more dangerous than a sharp one is because you have to use more force to cut. This also increases your chance of mismanaging the knife and potentially cutting yourself.

2. DO NOT increase the heat to save cooking time!

The reason why is because you increase the chances of burning the food. Also, the food can be cooked perfectly on the outside but be completely raw and cold on the inside.

3. DO NOT mix raw chicken with pork!

The reason why SALMONELLA… This is cross-contamination. Never mix raw meats like poultry or seafood with each other. Foodborne pathogens from raw meat can be transferred to other meats and cooked foods.

4. DO NOT mix water and hot oil!

The reason why FIRE… When water hits the hot oil, it causes the combustion of steam, which could result in a fire or hot steam burning your face.

5. DO NOT fall asleep while cooking!

The reason why should be pretty obvious, but for those that are curious, it's a safety hazard. It can cause a fire, and you can potentially burn your food.

So you're reading this and wondering how I burned my eyebrows off? Well, I made all five of the mistakes listed above. 30 years ago, in a country called Kosovo, I wanted to make a big meal for my parents. I prepared to make stuffed peppers with minced (ground) lamb, vegetables, and rice as an appetizer and zander (fish) as our entree. The first mistake I made was cutting vegetables with a dull knife. Doing this caused me to exert extra energy and delayed the cooking process. Being that I was behind on preparing dinner, I began to rush. While rushing, I made my second mistake and mixed the fish with lamb. The longer the food took to cook, my parents expressed their frustrations with hunger. So to pick up the speed, I increased the gas stove to cook the food faster, mistake number three. As a result of the increased temperature, I started feeling hot and tired. For a quick second, I fell asleep, mistake number four. To try to keep myself awake and cool, I decided to pour myself a glass of water. I suddenly heard oil popping and fish burning. I ran to the stove to turn the flame down, and my glass of water fell out of my hand into the scorching oil, and poof, mistake number five! The oil spilled out of the pan onto the gas flame and the stove caught on fire. My parents helped me put the fire out without any major damage to the kitchen or the house. However, my hair caught on fire, my eyebrows were gone, and my face was extremely red. Luckily, I didn’t suffer any burns, just a shameful cooking experience.


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Priscilla Muhovic – Guest Writer

Executive Chef

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