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Official Press Release of The Ephemera Series Vol. 1

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Dismoc Le Ma's official press release statement for The Ephemera Series.

My upcoming exhibition hosted by The Kre8ive Shop will comprise a collaborative collection of short-run exhibitions organized by a select guest curator. This series of exhibitions will be called The Ephemera Series. Oxford Languages defines Ephemera as things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. The collection of work will consist of unsold work selected and organized by a guest curator. The curator that my constituents and I have chosen is Dr. Mugabe. Who is a retired educator, and art therapist, as well as a long-time supporter of The Kre8ive Shop. Dr. Mugabe has selected a theme focused on black women that will feature poetry and articles by black female writers. The exhibition will be cross-promoted between and The Kre8ive Shop will provide a platform for the art and visuals for the poetry. Artist Take will provide a platform for editorial use. The exhibition will run from March 8th-29th.


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Davion "Dismoc Le Ma" Coleman

– Chief Editor Artist | Designer | Illustrator | Author

– The Creator of The Kre8ive Shop


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